We provide fintechs with the APIs they need. Stress free.

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We are integrating the services of various banks, incumbents and fintechs into one unified API, then making it easily available to startups as a way to achieve cross-pollination and distribution of services.

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One Gateway, Many Services.

Ask your bank, if they are working with us, chances are that they've got the API you need for your specific purpose. From APIs to accept online payments, or offer savings and loans to your customers, or simple KYC lookups, and many more...

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Here’s what's in the pack

Web merchant

Payments processing

A more powerful and flexible approach to accept and process payments from customers.

Prepaid cards

Managed wallets

Need to hold deposits from your customers in a regulatory compliant way? Prepaid cards APIs available.

Digital loans

Fast digital loans

APIs to offer quick, short term loans to customers in minutes.

Savings and investments

Savings and investments

APIs to provide access to various savings and investment products from an array of providers.

Telco services

KYC and validation

APIs for everything from BVN lookup, to account verification, to card ownership verification.

Web merchant

We're working on more

Account opening * Credit Scoring * Statement extraction * Payment confirmation * Bill enquiries * Account Opening * Insurance * More...

Our vision is to create an ecosystem of shared value.

Where rather than compete, fintechs and traditional institutions cross pollinate to leverage one another’s strengths.

Why they work with us

Low to zero IT infrastructure outlay.

Fully managed service. From infrastructure to the necessary integrations (even custom ones if required), we would handle it all.

Toggle among different providers without losing any key benefits of a favorite.

Whether it’s pricing or quality of service that’s the driving motivation, if you use OnePipe APIs, you can switch between providers without the need to start a new implementation.

Tightly controlled API access administration & console

Not only can partners implement services from multiple providers, they can also tightly manage which applications can access which service or provider. Or even allow access to 3rd party developers.

Super advanced dashboards and business intelligence.

Detailed dashboards providing a good look at the health and progress of your app and integrations.

They leave it to us to find and integrate more and more service providers.

Our goal is to be able to surface the very best of these for partners to pick and choose.

Special Spotlight

TrustPay by SunTrust Bank

The bank partnered with Paystack, Flutterwave and Quickteller to launch a payment gateway that came bundled with unique banking services.


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Who's working with us?

The Principles behind OnePipe

Why “choose” when you can “switch” anytime.
Everyone needs redundancy, it shouldn't be a pain.
Multiple suppliers puts negotiation power back in your hands.

  • Ability to add multiple providers for the same service
  • A standard unified API interface encapsulating all feature set available across providers
  • Ability to setup as many apps as possible and determine which provider should fulfill the service for each app

The Team

Victor Irechukwu
Numerical Junkie. Engineering Mogul. Takes care of backend engineering & connecting the dots
Ola Ononuju
Supreme Mugwump. Certified Hufflepuff. Avid Beyhive member. Handles Admin and Operations
Solomon Folorunsho
Aspiring oracle, basking in the glory of Ifa. Leads engineering and DevOps
Samuel Alapakristi
Hardworking gospel music lover & God-chaser. Believes nothing is impossible. Handles engineering
Ope Adeoye
Go-live junkie. Untiring what-if guy. Hopes to invent something great someday. Business development
Adeola Haruna
Cinephile. Tech Enthusiast. Favourite saying: Mind Your Business. Takes care of Product Management
Hussein Alayo
'Huzaynbolt', because he truly enjoys exceling & pushing himself to win the race. Handles engineering

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